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Pre-Approval for creators: what you should know
Pre-Approval for creators: what you should know
The Pre-Approval feature means before you make any changes, a brand is committing to 50% of your fee upfront.
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You may have noticed a big improvement we’ve made to the approval process of your epic content. The below feedback was so popular in our app’s ‘Suggest a Feature’ section, we just had to try a solution.

“As a Creator, I’d like some level of commitment from the brand before they request I edit and resubmit my post.”

Introducing Pre-Approval! After testing with our Australian creators, we're delighted to have released the Pre-Approval worldwide beta. Because it's still in beta, your feedback is essential, so let us know your thoughts!

What’s Pre-Approval?

It means that before brands request any changes or edits to your submission, they’re now asked to commit to 50% of your fee. In other words, they are asked to Pre-Approve your submission. This means that before you resubmit to a campaign, you’re already guaranteed half of your fee!

Why did we introduce this feature?

We know that crafting the amazing content you create takes a lot of thought, time and effort; and we think you deserve to be rewarded for your hard work.

How does Pre-Approval work?

1. A brand loves your content and wants to pay you to post it - with a few tweaks.

2. They reach out to you to discuss the changes they’d like you to make.

3. The two of you agree on the required changes and when you can resubmit your content.

4. The brand Pre-Approves your submission, locking in 50% of your fee upfront.

5. You make those changes within a timeframe agreed upon by both of you.

6. You then resubmit the updated content.

7. They approve it a final time and you publish the stunning content to your socials.

8. Once you publish your approved post, we transfer the agreed amount into your PayPal or nominated bank account within 48 hours or 45 days, depending on the payment option you’ve selected (you can update your payment details in the ‘YOU’ tab of the TRIBE app).

What if we also agreed on a new price?

In this scenario, be sure to resubmit with the new fee (but without the changes) first, so that the brand can Pre-Approve you with your updated fee. Then you can go on to resubmit with the changes agreed upon. This is important to ensure that the brand is committing to 50% of the correct fee.

How can I best manage the Pre-Approval process with brands?

There are a few ways we recommend managing this process to ensure the best outcome for both brands and Creators.

  • Provide a delivery date: Even if you feel the changes may take a while, it’s important you provide an estimated date and time the brand will receive your resubmission. This will help manage their expectations.

  • Be honest: This is the ideal time to share your thoughts about any of the changes being requested by the brand. After all, honesty is the best policy.

  • Be responsive: If a brand has reached out to you, don’t ignore them or leave them without an answer for days. Brands appreciate swift responses more than you may realise!

  • Be professional: This is still a business transaction so be sure to communicate clearly and don’t commit to anything you cannot deliver.

Do I get 50% of my fee as soon as a brand Pre-Approves my post?

It is not the payment method that has changed, it is the upfront commitment from brands. We hold the 50% payment in the form of a brand deposit; and you still get paid in full when your post is published, just like before. If for any reason, your resubmission isn’t approved, you’ll still receive half of your fee.

Is Pre-Approval a feature for all campaigns?

At this stage, Pre-Approval only applies to Influencer Marketing Campaigns. The approval process for Content Campaigns will remain the same.

How do I see which of my submissions have been Pre-Approved?

  1. Tap on the ‘Submissions’ tab in your app

  2. Under ‘Influencer Campaigns’, tap on ‘Pre-Approved’

  3. Here you’ll find the submissions that have been Pre-Approved

Can I withdraw a Pre-Approved submission?

You can. However, if you do, you won’t receive the 50% payment on this submission.

Unlike pending submissions, once a submission has been Pre-Approved you won't be able to withdraw it via the app. If you're unable to complete a Pre-Approved submission simply reach out to the brand and explain the situation, they'll then decline your submission.

Happy creating!

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