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Creator payment options explained
Creator payment options explained

There are two different payment methods for Creators on TRIBE - here’s what you need to know…

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One of the things we know our Creators love is how quickly they can be paid, so we pride ourselves on getting your payment to you on time. All TRIBE Creators can choose to be paid within 48 hours or 45 days. 

What’s the difference? We’re glad you asked…

45 day payment

This is the default setting once you sign up to the TRIBE platform. Opting to be paid in up to 45 days means you get paid 100% of your earnings. 

48 hour payment

We understand that some of you like to get paid quickly and we don’t blame you! For those of you who’d rather collect within two days of posting your approved content, the option is there. If you select this option, you’ll incur a 10% fee of your payout for that post. Think of it as… express shipping. We charge this fee for two reasons: it takes us around 2 months to receive the payment from the brand, and naturally there are additional costs we incur to get your money to you quickly.

Don’t worry… you can switch back and forth 

Changed your mind? Before you publish your influencer post, you can toggle to a 48 hour payment or a 45 day payment, to suit your needs at that time. Whichever option your settings are on at the time of approval, is how you’ll be paid.

But it works a little differently for Content campaigns

Because you don’t publish your content for a Content Campaign (a brand just pays you a licensing fee for it); whichever payment option you’re on when a brand purchases your content, is how you’ll get paid. So keep that in mind when submitting to Content Campaigns.

Here’s how to select (and change) your payment method

  1. Open up the TRIBE app

  2. Tap on the ‘YOU’ tab

  3. Select ‘Payments’

  4. Under ‘Payment Options’ select ‘Pay me in 48 hours’ or ‘Pay me in 45 days’

Happy creating!

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