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Influencer vs. Content Campaigns
Influencer vs. Content Campaigns
On TRIBE, we offer both Influencer and Content Campaigns. So what’s the difference?
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On TRIBE, brands can choose to run an Influencer Campaign or a Content Campaign.

Influencer Campaign

Influencer Campaigns feature micro-influencers with 3000+ followers. Brands create a brief, and creators submit their creative ideas. Brands Pre-Approve their favorite creators who then shoot and submit their final content for approval. Once approved, they'll publish the content to their social account/s and get paid, while brands will receive performance metrics in the TRIBE platform.

Content Campaign

With Content Campaigns, creators submit premium content for brands to purchase for use on their social media pages, websites, print ads, EDMs, blogs, or wherever else they choose. This means there is no need for creators to post it on their socials.

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