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Creators Guide to Publishing Paid Partnerships on TikTok
Creators Guide to Publishing Paid Partnerships on TikTok
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Congrats! Your TikTok submission has been approved. You will need to publish approved posts within 48 hours of approval, or as scheduled by the brand.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to publishing your post on TikTok.

It’s important to follow these steps correctly to ensure there are no delays to your payment.

First, you’ll be notified in the TRIBE app if a brand has ‘Approved’ your submission.

Tip: Take note of the ‘Your TikTok campaign code reference number’ as you will need this when publishing your content in TikTok.

Step 1. Head to your ‘Submissions’ tab and click on ‘Approved’ to access all of your approved submissions to access all of your approved posts.

Click on the post you’re wanting to publish.

Step 2. Click ‘Publish to TikTok’

Step 3. Read the reminder (don’t worry, we’ll run through the steps to turning on the toggle and linking to the Creator Marketplace below)

Read the terms and click ‘Accept’ to continue.

Step 4. Your caption text has been copied, now open TikTok and follow the steps to publish.

Once you have published your content, you’ll return back to this screen to confirm it’s live.

Step 5. Open TikTok and create your post by adding your content and caption.

Before posting, click on ‘Branded content and ads’

Step 6. Toggle ON ‘Branded content’

No need to toggle on ‘Ad authorization’ or ‘Only show in ads’

Step 7. Once the toggle is on the ‘Link campaign’ option will appear. Click to select the campaign you’re linking to.

Step 7A. If the campaign isn’t appearing, click ‘Add campaign code’ and follow the prompts.

Can’t find the code? It appears in the TRIBE app in the message from the brand approving your content.

If there is no campaign code, please reach out to Support via the 'Chat with us' option accessible from the 'YOU' tab in the app.

Step 8. Once the ‘Branded content’ toggle is on AND you’ve linked the campaign, click ‘Save’ to publish your post to TikTok.

Step 9. Head back to the TRIBE app and confirm your content is live. This lets the brand know, as well as our payments team who can start processing your payment.

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