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How to invite your own Creators to TRIBE
How to invite your own Creators to TRIBE

Share a link to your live campaign with Creators so they can submit content

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So you want to create an influencer marketing campaign on TRIBE and have a few Creators in mind that you’d like to see content from... but they aren’t using TRIBE yet? Don’t panic!

You can easily share any live campaign of yours externally with non-TRIBE influencers or Creators (as long as they have 3k+ followers!). They then quickly sign up for free and voilà; your library of stunning branded content can continue to grow!

This means that the goldmine of on-brand creative you have doesn’t have to be limited to TRIBE Creators.

How do I share my campaign?

  1. Open up any live campaign of yours in the TRIBE platform

  2. Click the share arrow icon in the top right of the screen

  3. Copy your unique Campaign Link and forward it on to as many Creators as you like (with 3k+ IG followers)

Then what happens?

  1. Creators who aren’t signed up to TRIBE will be directed to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the TRIBE Influencer app

  2. In under a minute, they sign up for free (via Facebook) and are driven to your campaign

  3. Then they are able to submit content via the app

Note: Sharing your unique Campaign Link with a Creator who is already part of TRIBE, will simply take them directly through to your campaign in the TRIBE mobile app.

Who can I share this link with?

You should share your Campaign Link with any Creators, influencers or brand ambassadors you work with (or want to work with) outside of the TRIBE platform.

Note: They must have 3,000 or more Instagram followers to participate.

Who should I not share this link with?

Do not share your campaign with any Creator, influencer or ambassador who has less than 3,000 followers on Instagram as they will not be able to submit content to your campaign.

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