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Creating an Influencer Campaign
Creating an Influencer Campaign

Ready to create your TRIBE Influencer Campaign? Let’s get started!

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  1. Log in to your TRIBE account after signing up.  (Creating a campaign is not yet available on mobile, so try using a desktop or tablet instead).

  2. Select the START AN INFLUENCER CAMPAIGN option.

Ensure you review the TRIBE Codes of Conduct for some tips around following key advertising guidelines.

Refer below for a walk-through of each section of the Campaign Builder:

I. Brand

   Create a brand profile

  1. Upload your brand logo. Click LOGO REQUIREMENTS for some guidelines.

  2. Enter your brand name (maximum of 40 characters).

  3. Click the ✓ icon to save your brand profile. Alternatively, click the x icon to reset the form.

   Select a brand profile

  1. Once saved, click on your brand profile to highlight it. If you have created profiles for different brands before, select the brand profile that you wish to start a campaign for from your list.

  2. Click CONTINUE on the upper right part of the window to proceed.


II. Campaign

  • Campaign title. Give your campaign a title. This is what creators will see on their feeds.

  • Cover image. Upload a cover image. Refer to HOW TO NAIL YOUR COVER IMAGE for guidelines.
    Once uploaded, crop the image to size, and click CROP. To remove the image, click the x icon on its top right corner.

  • Call to action. Summarise the type of content that you need in a short call to action (maximum of 55 characters). This is to immediately give creators an idea about the content required as they scroll through their feeds.

  • Where to get your product? Indicate where creators can find your products.

  • About you. Tell something about your brand.

  • Category. Select the category that best fits the product. Selecting a secondary category is optional.


III. Brief

  1. Visual direction (Moodboard). Click to upload images similar to what you would like to receive, or to what you would approve to help creators understand the style you’re looking for. Click HOW TO NAIL YOUR MOODBOARD for guidelines.

       Upload a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of six (6) images.

To remove an image, click the x icon on the thumbnail’s top right corner.

2. Content we’d love from you. Describe what is needed from creators. For the best results, be as specific and descriptive as you can. Here are some things that can be included:

  • Target creators: e.g. “AUS influencers! We'd love to see your content”

  • Target creator audience: e.g. “Submit only if 70% of your audience is over 18; Creator audience country is USA”

  • Event tie-up: e.g. “The event will be on October 24-28, so we will be approving and scheduling posts before this date”

  • Types of content: e.g. “Submit motion content” (Boomerangs, cinemagraphs, video)

If you wish to receive carousel posts or Instagram Story submissions, highlight it here.

3. Do’s and don’ts. List the important points that creators should and should not do. You may also like to ask for specific post types in this section of your brief.

Note as well that since you will be partnering with influencers for sponsored posts, it will have to be disclosed upon publishing by using #ad in the caption.

Asking creators to not use #ad should not be included in this part, nor in any other section of the campaign brief.

To remove a line item from the list, click the x icon next to it.

4. Social media channels. Add at least one social media platform where creators should post their content to. Add at least one tag for them to include in their posts as well. Tags help with post reach and discoverability.


IV. Budget

  1. Set a budget. An estimate of how much you are looking to spend. This will help us serve relevant influencers for your budget. You will also only be charged for actual purchases.

  2. Range of followers. Your target influencer follower range

  3. Creators. Indicate your preferences on the following creator details:Age range
       - Age range
       - Gender (you can add more than one)
       - Location (you can add more than one)

Click CONTINUE on the upper right part of the window to proceed.


V.  Submit

  1. Pick the date of when you want to publish your campaign. After your campaign is reviewed and approved, this date is when it will be available on the TRIBE app for creators to see.

  2. Indicate how long you wish to run your campaign for.


Billing details

  1. Contact details: first name, last name, and phone number—your number is required to get your campaign approved by our Account Managers

  2. Company details: your company name and address; required to get your campaign approved

  3. Campaign budget: estimate of how much you are looking to spend; required to help us serve you the most relevant influencers for your budget—you will only be charged for actual purchases

  4. Preferred billing method: check here for details on which option suits you
     → Credit Card: you will only be charged when you purchase a post
     → Invoice: you will be invoiced for purchases at the end of the month

Click SUBMIT on the upper right part of the window to finish.
Submitted campaigns are reviewed by our Account Managers to optimise your brief and ensure you receive the content you’re after.
Once approved, your campaign will go live as you scheduled, or you can manually activate it from your campaign Inbox. More info on that here.

I submitted a campaign, but it's gone from my Campaign Dashboard.

If you are unable to find the campaign that you submitted on your Campaign Dashboard, email us at with the campaign name or brand. We'll look into it for you and get in touch as soon as possible.

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