To optimise results for your Influencer Campaigns, we encourage you to welcome a mix of different types of submissions from creators:

  • In-feed post. Single image/video captioned in-feed post

  • Instagram Carousel. A mix of up to 10 images and videos in a single captioned in-feed post

  • Instagram Story. Images and up to 15-second videos that expire 24 hours after posting
    - Stories can be submitted as a single frame, or as a set of up to five (5) frames
    - Stories can be posted with URL redirect swipe ups and engagement stickers (quiz, emoji slider, questions, poll, etc.)
    - Story reporting includes reach and engagement insights however the auto generated PCR does not yet support campaigns including published stories. Please reach out to your account manager for campaign reporting on campaigns that include stories.

Received submissions will have icons to help you identify their content type:

Notes for posts with multiple media will include the frame number of the content that they’re referring to:

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