How does TRIBE make money?

Here are the TRIBE fees explained.

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TRIBE offers brands and marketing teams two subscription offerings - TRIBE and TRIBE Plus.

Outside of the US & Canada, as well as being a subscription platform, TRIBE also offers a pay-per-use model that incurs two fees: a Campaign Activation Fee and a TRIBE Fee.

Campaign Activation Fee

The Campaign Activation Fee is charged to set up your campaign. It covers access to our platform, being trained on best practices, our work to understand your needs and get ahead of any specific creator requirements, and your access to TRIBE’s vetted community of engaged content creators. It is charged before your campaign is set live.


The TRIBE Fee is there to help you run campaigns. That’s why it’s only charged on the content you approve.

The TRIBE Fee provides ongoing platform support and use of TRIBE’s powerful technology platform; delivering analytics, payments, legals, messaging and more. The TRIBE fee is simply a 30% margin on a brand’s overall campaign spend. For example, if you spend $10,000 on influencer posts, the influencers will receive $7,000 and TRIBE will receive $3,000 (i.e. 30% of your $10,000 budget).

Tailored Pricing

Brands using TRIBE Plus benefit from pricing tailored to their unique requirements and goals.

For further information on our subscriptions or fees, reach out to your TRIBE rep or get in touch with our team.

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