What type of Subscription plans are available?

There are three types of Subscriptions:

Pro - You’re a marketer who needs features and data to help source creators, approve content, measure performance and execute campaigns seamlessly across the year. Level up your influencer marketing and content creation.

Teams - This is our most popular plan. You’re a marketing team with ongoing influencer activity & digital content needs. Your team needs to effortlessly collaborate, & achieve greater performance efficiencies from your annual activity. Work seamlessly with your team to drive performance and cost efficiencies.

Enterprise - Let us customise a package of seats and support to meet your organisation’s influencer marketing and digital content objectives.

Can I use TRIBE for single campaigns?

Yes! To use TRIBE on an ad hoc basis—or what we call pay-per-use—there is a small Campaign Activation Fee that’ll cover the launch of your campaign as well as access to TRIBE’s vetted community of engaged and awesome Content Creators. 

The TRIBE Fee margin of 30% and the content licensing fee still applies.

Find out more on pricing here.

What is a TRIBE Fee?

The TRIBE Fee provides ongoing platform support and use of TRIBE’s powerful technology platform; delivering analytics, payments, legals, messaging and more. This fee is a 30% margin of a brand's overall campaign spend. So for example, if you spend $5,000 on influencer posts, the influencers will receive $3,500 and TRIBE will receive $1,500 (30% of your budget).

Learn more about the TRIBE Fee here.

Do I still have to pay the Campaign Activation Fee if I’m on a Subscription?

No, you don’t! A Subscription eliminates the Campaign Activation Fee that is charged before each campaign goes live.

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