As well as in-feed post, you can submit Carousels and Stories to Influencer Campaigns that support Instagram:

  • In-feed post. Single image/video captioned in-feed post

  • Instagram Carousel. A mix of 2-10 images and videos in a single captioned in-feed post

  • Instagram Story. Images and up to 15-second videos. Stories can be submitted as a single frame, or as a set of up to ten (10) frames. Stories can also be posted with swipe up links and engagement stickers (quiz, emoji slider, questions, poll, etc.)

Take a look at how Story and Carousel posts are displayed to brands in this article.

NOTE: We do not yet support Reels or IGTV so please refrain from submitting these formats to brand campaigns.

IMPORTANT: Always remember to publish in the format that was approved by the brand (i.e. a Story, Carousel, in-feed post, or a combination)

What happens if I posted the wrong format of content to my social media?

It's super important to ONLY submit the correct type of content to a campaign; and that if your content is approved, you post the format that was approved for the campaign.


If you publish to IG in a different format, you will not receive your payment until the issue is resolved and this can take weeks. You'll have to resubmit with the correct submission type and the brand will have to approve it. Only then is your payout processed.

The most common examples of posting incorrectly?

  1. Submitting a three-frame carousel in the app but then posting it separately i.e. two-picture carousel in your feed + one Story.

  2. Submitting one static image in the app but then posting a video or Story on your socials

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