Generating volumes of user-generated content for your brand is easier than it seems. Head to and follow the below steps.

1.  Create a campaign brief

Start an Influencer Campaign, and detail what you’d like to see from influencers in your campaign brief.

2.  Review submissions

Once submissions are received, you can review and shortlist posts. Remember to give feedback to creators on how they can improve their submission for a better chance of approval. We also recommend viewing an influencer’s social profile to check if their feed and audience aligns with your brand.

3.  Approve and schedule posts

If you’re 100% happy with the influencer’s profile, content quality, price, and caption, approve or schedule the post for publishing.
Check out these resources to learn more about TRIBE campaigns:


Can I send sample products?

You are not required to provide samples, but you may do so for special cases. Note that sending products does not replace paying creators for their content.

Can I use purchased content outside social media?

Approved content is still owned by the influencer. It’s free to repost content on the platform it was published within 30 days of it being posted. If you wish to use it for advertising outside of that, you can request to license it.
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