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Approving and scheduling posts
Approving and scheduling posts
Want to work Influencer posts around your schedule? Here’s how...
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When approving Influencer Campaign submissions, you can schedule when you’d like the post published on social media if you need it later than 48 hours.

Click the Approve submission icon on the submission card, and select CHOOSE DATE from the dropdown. To avoid schedule conflicts, consult them via Feedback first before approving their post to ensure they can post on your preferred date.

Your selected date will follow your time zone, which will be converted to the creator's time zone on their end if they're from a different region, to let them know the actual window of when they can publish.
While influencers are required to keep the post on their feeds for 30 days, most leave the post on their feed as they would any other.

You're free to repost within the platform it appears after it's published as long as you tag the creator. However, you cannot use the content for advertising outside of that, unless you license it.

What if the creator fails to publish the post as scheduled?

If you still need the content, you can pick a new date for it to be published by clicking the Reschedule icon.


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