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How does running a campaign work for brands?
How does running a campaign work for brands?
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There are two types of campaigns on TRIBE.

Influencer Campaigns - where marketers can amplify their brand across TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter with our global creator community.

Content Campaigns - where marketers collaborate with creators for premium UGC they are able to license and deploy across their own marketing channels. (Note: creators do not post content to their social channels)

The process for both campaigns is similar.

1.  Create a campaign brief

Using our 5-step campaign builder you'll craft your brief detailing the content you'd love to see from creators as well as target specific creator and audience requirements including age, location, gender and follower count.

2.  Review submissions

Once your brief has been reviewed, it will appear in the TRIBE Creator App, where creators who match your requirements or are inspired by your brief will submit a pitch, alongside their fee.

These pitches appear in your inbox where you can review and shortlist posts, view the creator's portfolio & social account as well as their estimated performance metrics and audience demographics.

3. Pre-Approve your favorite creators

Once you've shortlisted the creators you'd like to work with, you'll Pre-Approve them - committing to 50% of their fee and giving them the go-ahead to shoot and submit their final content.

Use our chat feature to provide any additional feedback, and arrange shipping of your product, if required.

4. Approve final content

Once the creator has re-submitted their final content, you'll give them final approval and schedule their post for publishing.

Note: For Content Campaigns, once you've given final approval you will be able to license and download the content for your own use.

5. Measure your success

Once content is published, it will appear in the 'published tab' of your campaign where you'll access first-party, real-time metrics fed from our TikTok and Meta APIs. You will have access to audience metrics as well as campaign performance data allowing you to identify your top-performing content.

6. Boost as Creator Ads or license top-performing content

Now you've identified your top-performing content you'll have the option to boost it as a Creator Ad. Simply click the 'BOOST' button to request the rights from the creator, or reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

What's a Creator Ad? On TikTok, they're called Spark Ads, and on Meta, they're Branded Content Ads and we believe they are the future of creator marketing, combining the authenticity of UGC with the powerful ad targeting technology of TikTok and Meta.

Want the content for your own channels? Click the 'download' icon to request the rights to your fave content and license it for use across your own marketing channels.

Can I use published content outside social media?

Approved content is still owned by the influencer. It’s free to repost content on the platform it was published within 30 days of it being posted. If you wish to use it for advertising outside of that, you can request to license it.
Want more info on how TRIBE can scale your online marketing? Request a demo with one of our experts to learn more.

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