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Creating submissions for Influencer Campaigns
Creating submissions for Influencer Campaigns

Ready to get creating and start earning? Here’s how to submit your content to an Influencer Campaign…

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You can identify an Influencer Campaign in your Campaign Feed by the social icons displayed next to the campaign name.

Tap on the campaign to read the brief, review mood board images, and to create a submission.

To increase your chances of approval, make sure the product is one you love using and aligns with your audience.

  1. From the brief, tap Create Submission.

  2. Select the social account that you intend to use to post the content if approved.

  3. Select the media file to upload. The file types PNG and JPG for images and MP4 for videos are supported. Make sure that its file extension is not missing, else it will not show up in the gallery.

  4. Confirm your price.

  5. Write a caption for your submission, and tap on all of the brand’s pre-loaded tags to include them in the caption. Since this will be a partnership with brands for sponsored posts as well, it will have to be disclosed. So #ad (or similar) is required to be included in the caption.

  6. Add a note for the brand about your pitch/submission.

  7. Review the campaign’s do’s and don'ts, and make sure that your submission follows the brand’s guidelines.

  8. Tap Submit.

To keep the platform safe for creators and brands alike, remember to observe the TRIBE House Rules and the TRIBE Codes of Conduct. Let us know at if someone breaches our guidelines.

As long as your submission is PENDING, you have the option to edit, re-submit, or withdraw it.

Once APPROVED, you can sell the rights to your content if the brand requests to license it.

How do I create carousel or story submissions?

The TRIBE app now supports Instagram Carousels and Stories. If the campaign is looking for Instagram influencers you will be able to select from 3 Submission Types.

Why do my submissions keep getting declined?

Campaign needs differ, so the reasons why that happens vary. However, for better chances of approval, make sure that your content is on brief. We also suggest the following blog articles to help level up your content creation game:


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