Brands are not required to provide samples, and we don't encourage sending samples as part of TRIBE campaigns.

However, campaigns may benefit from sending out samples if…

  • A new brand isn’t established in the market

  • A brand is competing in a highly-saturated market

  • The product is too expensive or has a higher barrier to entry

  • The product is not yet available in the market

  • The product is limited edition

If you feel that sending products to creators will help your campaign, feel free to include it in your brief when starting your campaign

Note that sending products does not replace paying for creator content.

How do sampling campaigns work?

1. Influencers submit a mock shot (pitch post), also known as an Expression of Interest

2. You can then have a look at their account and see if you’d like to send them a product to create content for your campaign

3. At this stage you can shortlist the influencers you’re going to send samples to and let them know via feedback that they are "pre-selected" (don’t approve the post yet!).

4. Request their postal address via feedback, send them product and once they’ve received the product they will create content and re-submit the post via TRIBE to replace the pitch post with actual content.

5. If you’re happy with the final post you’d hit approve!

Please note, we’re unable to take responsibility if any samples go missing, or if influencers don’t follow through and submit a post with the received product. However we will do everything we can to ensure the influencer posts, and it’s in their best interests to do so.
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