You may have noticed that we’ve made a minor tweak to the Creator approval process for your Influencer Marketing campaigns.

After testing in Australia since May, we're delighted to have released the Pre-Approval worldwide beta. Because it's still in beta, your feedback is essential, so let us know your thoughts!s.

What’s the new process?

You’ve run an Influencer Marketing campaign on TRIBE and you like the look of the eye-catching content that has been submitted. You want to approve some of it, but first you want the Creator to make a change or two (either to their caption or creative) and resubmit it before you approve it and pay them.

Now, we’re asking you to prepay 50% of a Creator’s fee if you are requesting that they make changes or tweaks prior to publishing the content on their socials.

In simpler terms, here’s how it works:

  1. You want to pay a Creator to publish their awesome content, with a few tweaks

  2. You discuss any changes you need directly with the Creator

  3. The two of you agree on the required changes and the time it should take to complete them

  4. You Click the approve icon and you Pre-Approve their submission

  5. The Creator resubmits within the agreed timeframe

  6. You then select Final Approve

  7. They publish the beautiful branded content to their socials

Note: If you’ve agreed on a new price, ensure the Creator resubmits with the new fee (but without the changes) before Pre-Approving them. Then they can go on to resubmit with the changes agreed upon.

Why has TRIBE updated the process?

We pride ourselves on helping brands source instant branded content from premium Creators—and for this, a happy Creator community is key.

We constantly listen to feedback from both brands and Creators, and the below has been highly rated in our app’s ‘Suggest a Feature’ section:

“As a Creator I’d like some level of commitment from the brand before they request I edit and resubmit my post.”

We see this as reasonable. We believe brands should respect the creative process and understand the level of work required to create the content you love.

We see this as a small change for a brand, with a HUGE benefit to our Creator community—so that they can keep delivering incredible content to campaigns just like yours.

Which campaigns does this apply to?

This only applies to Influencer Marketing Campaigns. The approval process for Content Campaigns will remain the same. However, as we mentioned, Pre-Approval is currently a beta feature and your feedback is welcomed.

Why is this great for me?

By committing 50% of their fee, Creators will feel more valued and better rewarded for their time and effort—after all, creating incredible content isn’t done at the snap of a finger.

This added security for Creators, means they will be far more responsive to your tweaks and therefore get your eye-catching branded content out into the world quicker.

How is this reflected in my budget on TRIBE?

To make it super simple for you, your month’s invoice brief will include an invoice line item for the 50% fee. However, 100% of the fee amount will be deducted from your budget on the platform, so that you can easily see how much of your budget remains, taking into account the remaining balance of any outstanding Pre-Approvals.

To see an exact breakdown of your budget, simply hover over the information icon to the right of your budget. The budget summary includes all the submission approvals, content licenses, Branded Content Ads, the prepaid Pre-Approval amount, and the balance still due for Pre-Approvals.

I’ve asked a Creator to re-shoot their content and they are requesting more money.

This may happen depending on the level of changes you are requesting. It’s important to remember that if you are requesting major changes from a Creator, that this could take them a significant amount of time. A request for a higher fee could be very reasonable, however you will be able to chat directly with the Creator and hopefully come to a pricing agreement.

How can I best manage the Pre-Approval process with Creators?

There are a few ways we recommend managing this process that have proven to be the best for both brands and Creators.

  • Be transparent: If the Final Approval could take some time, communicate this with Creators up front so that their expectations are managed appropriately.

  • Be responsive: If a Creator has responded to your direct chat, don’t ignore them or leave them without an answer for days. Creators appreciate swift responses much more than you might realise!

  • Provide clear feedback: When requesting edits from Creators, be clear about what you’d like to change, rather than providing feedback that can be interpreted subjectively. Suggestions like “make your post more appealing to millennials” can be misinterpreted. The clearer your feedback and vision, the happier you’ll be with the final product.

  • Maintain professionalism: This is still a business transaction and ultimately these Creators are your brand’s biggest fans, so stay professional.

What happens if I have Pre-Approved a submission, but no longer wish to go ahead with it?

We understand that things change. It happens. Although it is not recommended, you can decline a Pre-Approved submission, by selecting the ‘X’ icon on a post.

Do I still need to pay a Creator 50% of their fee if I choose to decline their submission?

Yes. Maybe your budget was cut short or perhaps you’ve just changed the visual direction of your campaign. Either way, we believe that if a Creator has still gone through the effort of re-submitting the content with the agreed changes; they should be rewarded for their efforts and therefore paid the 50% fee.

In this case, we require that you submit a short piece of feedback that we will share with the Creator.

What if I am declining a Pre-Approved submission because the Creator has not delivered as agreed?

In this circumstance, we require you to provide feedback explaining how or why the Creator did not deliver as agreed. We will then review your feedback as well as the correspondence between yourself and the Creator to determine an appropriate resolution.

Note: This feedback will not be shared with the Creator.

How long does it take to review your feedback on a decline?

This can take up to three business days.

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