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What if the submissions I’m receiving aren’t what I’m after?
What if the submissions I’m receiving aren’t what I’m after?

There could be a variety of reasons why the content you’re receiving are not meeting your brief. Here’s what to do next…

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Here are some ways of optimising your brief to ensure you receive the best quality content:

1. Look at it from a creator perspective.

  • Hero Image
    This is what creators see on their feeds. Make it attention-grabbing but still relevant to your campaign.

  • Brief
    Are you clear enough with what you expect creators to do? Have someone outside your marketing team read it, and if there are some things that are vague or open to interpretation, be more specific with the details.

  • Mood Board Images
    Inspire creators to submit content that you'll approve. Make sure your mood board gives the content feel that you are looking for.

2. Provide feedback.

If the submissions you’re receiving aren’t meeting your requirements, reach out to creators using the Feedback option, and let them know how they can improve their content.

3. Give value.

If your product is  expensive or difficult to get hold of (which is usually the case for new brands), consider providing samples and/or discount codes.

4. Sell yourself.

Give creators a reason to support your brand, especially if it’s new or relatively unknown. Here are some things worth mentioning about your product to grab creators’ attention:

  • Locally-sourced, local brand

  • Donates proceeds to a community or charity

  • Organic ingredients or products

  • Uses recycled materials

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