At TRIBE, we offer two types of campaigns—Influencer Campaigns and Content Campaigns. The campaign you choose should depend on your goals—for social reach, or for generating content for your brand.

Influencer Campaigns

Influencers with 3000+ followers submit content celebrating your product. You approve the content you love, and they post it to their social feed.

Simply create a brief, and influencers will craft branded content to your specifications.

Campaign submissions are shown exactly how they will be posted to their social feeds. Approve only the content that you love, and pay after they are published. Read for the lowdown here.

Content Campaigns

Content Campaigns give you access to TRIBE's premium content creators to craft beautiful content for your brand. But unlike in Influencer Campaigns, the content doesn’t get posted to their socials. Instead, you can license them to use on your own marketing platforms.

Creators craft content to your brief, and you purchase the rights to the content. Depending on the licence type that you choose, you can use the content on your social media pages, websites, print ads, EDMs or even merchandise items.

Content campaigns are only available to creators who have been vetted by the TRIBE Team for consistently producing quality content.
If you’d like more info on which campaign is right for you, book a demo to talk to our experts.
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