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Reviewing Content Campaign submissions
Reviewing Content Campaign submissions
Congratulations—you’ve received Branded Content! Here’s how to review your Content Campaign submissions...
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Submission card

Submissions will appear in your Content Campaign inbox. The following is a breakdown of the features of a submission card and the actions you can take:

  1. Creator Details. The creator's name and profile picture will appear here.

  2. Bio & Portfolio. Click to view the creator's bio and portfolio showcasing examples of their content style and quality.

  3. Submission Status. The 'Resubmitted' pill will appear when a creator has resubmitted their content. Resubmissions typically occur when a creator has re-submitted their final content after you've requested some tweaks

  4. Creator Status. To help identify new and previous creators, you'll notice a number of different icons here.
    'Blue Tick' - You have worked with this creator previously
    'New' - This creator is submitting to your brand for the first time
    'No icon' - This creator has submitted previously however, you haven't worked with them

  5. Submission type. Indicates if the content is a video or still image.

  6. Content Preview. Click to open the submission view to see the full content, specifications, pricing and creator's notes/creative direction.

  7. Shortlist. Add submissions to your shortlist that you're likely to approve. Note: when you shortlist a submission the creator will be sent a notification.

  8. Chat with the creator. Click to begin a conversation with the creator to provide feedback, collaborate or facilitate shipping etc. Note: A red notification dot will appear if you have an unread message from a creator.

  9. Decline submission. If a creator's submission isn't quite right for your campaign you can decline it here and let creators know why their content wasn’t right for your campaign.

  10. Approve submission. Love the content? Click the 'tick' to see the available license options

Submission level view  

In addition to shortlisting, 1:1 chat, licensing and viewing a creator's bio, the expanded submission view will show the following details:

  1. Pricing. Click the tooltip icon to view your licensing options and pricing.

  2. Specifications. Details of the content's size, resolution and file type.

  3. Next or previous submission. Click the arrows to navigate to the next or previous submissions.

  4. Submission Status. Indicates if the submission has been resubmitted.

  5. Chat. Click here to access your 1:1 chat with the creator

  6. Notes or Creative Direction from Creator. Find the creator's Pitch or any written notes here. A red notification dot will appear if the notes are unread.

  7. Other submissions. Click to access other submissions from the same creator.

  8. The content. Click the preview to open a full-resolution watermarked view of the content. (Highly recommended to assess it's quality for you intended use)


Approving and licensing content

Click the 'tick icon' on a submission to view your licence options.

  1. Rights. Select your preferred license rights option.

  2. Specifications. Details of the content's size, resolution and file type.

  3. Pricing. Breakdown of the licensing cost (will vary depending on the license rights option you select).

  4. License Content. Click to purchase the rights to this content.

  5. Content Thumbnail. Click to open a full-resolution watermarked view of the content.

Tip: Remember to check the content details (dimensions, file type, etc.), and preview it in full resolution before licensing the content to ensure that the quality will work for its intended use.

Once licensed, the content may be downloaded in the original size or resolution that the creator provided.

Content can range from 300KB to 23MB depending on the original source. If you’re concerned with the resolution, we’ll work with you to ensure you have the highest quality available.

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