You can perform the following actions on submissions received in your campaign Inbox:

  1. Shortlist. Add submissions to a shortlist for an easy-access list of the content you’re likely to approve.

  2. Give feedback. Chat with the creator and provide constructive feedback. You can also arrange for shipping if you’d like to send a sample product.

  3. Decline. Decline submissions, and let creators know why their content wasn’t right for your campaign.

  4. License content. Click to see the available licence options.

In addition to the options to shortlist, give feedback, decline, and license, an expanded submission card will show the following details:

  1. Creator details

  2. Dimensions and estimated resolution of the submitted content

  3. Submission file type for download

  4. Content price: click to see the licence options 

  5. Content submission: click to view in full resolution

  6. Notes about the content (only visible if the creator adds one)


Approving and licensing content

Click the check icon on a submission to view licence options.

  1. View the Licence options available. Select your preferred licence type, and click LICENSE CONTENT to purchase the content

  2. Content size and estimated print resolution

  3. File type when downloaded

  4. Option to view the submission in full-resolution (highly recommended to ensure it’s viable for its intended use)

  5. Breakdown of the content’s cost

Remember to check the content details (dimensions, file type, etc.), and preview it in full resolution before licensing the content to ensure that the quality will work for its intended use.

Once licensed, the content may be downloaded in the original size or resolution that the creator provided.

Content can range from 300KB to 23MB depending on the original source. If you’re concerned with the resolution, we’ll work with you to ensure you have the highest quality available.

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