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How to Accept a Spark Ad Request on TikTok
How to Accept a Spark Ad Request on TikTok
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Received a request from a brand to boost your content as a Spark Ad?

Congrats! Spark Ads are a great way to earn and have your content seen by more TikTok users.

Follow the simple steps below to accept a brand’s request to boost your TikTok content.

Step 1. Enabling Ad Settings on TikTok

To allow brands to boost your videos, you’ll first need to enable Ad Settings.

(Enabling Ad Settings makes this option available on each of your posts should you ever need to manually generate an authorization code.)

  1. From your profile screen, tap the ‘Hamburger Menu’ icon on the top right.

  2. Select 'Creator tools'.

  3. Toggle ON the Ad settings option.

Step 2. Accepting a Spark Ad request on TikTok

  1. From your TikTok Inbox, tap the Ad Authorization notification from the brand.

  2. From the Creator Marketplace screen, select the Authorization request.

  3. Tap ‘Submit’ to accept the request.

Alternatively, if the Spark Ad request doesn't appear in your TikTok app, the TRIBE team will be in touch to get a copy of the code manually.

How to manually get an Ad Authorization Code

If a brand requests to boost more than one piece of your content from the same campaign, follow these steps to manually generate an authorization code.

  1. Select your video.

  2. Tap the ‘three dots’ icon on the right.

  3. Scroll to and select 'Ad Settings'.

  4. Tap to indicate you agree to the terms before toggling ON ‘ad authorization’.

  5. Tap 'OK'.

  6. Tap 'Generate code'.

  7. Select the authorization period and tap ‘Authorize’.

    Note: Ensure you select the same authorization period the brand has requested.

  8. Finally, tap 'Copy code' and share it with the TRIBE team member who reached out to you - as they will share it with the brand directly.

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