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How to sign up to the TRIBE app
How to sign up to the TRIBE app
Updated over a week ago

So you’ve downloaded the TRIBE app - congrats!

There are currently two ways to sign up.

1. Sign up via email.

  1. Click ‘Sign Up’

  2. Enter your email

  3. Create your password and click create account

  4. Verify your account within 2 hours via email

2. Sign up via Facebook

  1. Click ‘Continue another way’

  2. Click Log in with Facebook and follow the prompts

It’s that easy!

Once you’ve logged in we’ll ask you a few quick questions to set up your profile and personalise your account.

  1. Fill in your name, country and region

  2. Tell us a little about you

  3. You’re in! Start scrolling through campaigns from your fave brands!

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