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What you need to know about age-gating branded content
What you need to know about age-gating branded content
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Ever had a post taken down on Instagram with no clue why?

We see this happen most commonly when creators collaborate with alcohol-related brands and forget to age-gate their posts.

What is age-gating?

Age-gating is when “You can set minimum age restrictions for people to see your branded content and affiliate posts. Consider adding a minimum age for posts about certain categories of products.”

Age-gating is required on posts promoting alcohol as well as some restricted goods in the below categories:

  • Alcohol

  • Dating

  • Real-money gambling

  • State lotteries

  • Online pharmacies

  • Prescriptions

  • Drug and alcohol addiction treatment

  • Cosmetic procedures and weight loss products and services

  • Financial and insurance products

More info on Instagram’s restrictions and policies here.

Here’s how you age-gate your post to stay compliant with Instagram’s regulations.

Before publishing your post on Instagram:

1. Upon posting your content on Instagram, head to ‘Partnership label and ads’.

Don’t hit ‘Share’ yet!

2. Click ‘Add paid partnership label’ under ‘Branded Content’

3. Type in the brand’s correct handle and then click ‘Add

4. Under ‘Audience’ click on ‘Add audience restriction

5. Click on ‘Minimum age’.

Followed by 'Add' to add a Default Minimum Age.

6. Type in the minimum age mentioned in the brief’s Do’s and Don’ts. Then tap ‘Done’.

7. You're done! Now you can head back to your post and Share it to publish.

Please make sure you double check this is all correct as we will need to see proof before we can process your payout.

On TRIBE, the briefs will let you know when you need to age-gate your published posts. Upon payout, the team will ask to see a screen recording to validate this. Payment won’t be approved until we receive it.

This is to ensure we’re all staying compliant with Instagram’s restrictions and your posts stay put on your feed.

If your post is still taken down after you’ve age-gated your post, reach out to us via the chat in the app and we’ll suss it out for you 😊

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