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Troubleshooting your Pinterest account if you can’t connect!
Troubleshooting your Pinterest account if you can’t connect!
Updated over a week ago

So you’ve tried to connect your Pinterest account and received an error. Oh no!

Luckily our tech team has given us some scenarios and solutions to help remedy the small speed bump.

Scenario 1: You tried to connect your account through the Facebook and Google logins but the buttons do not work.

Solution: Using the Pinterest web browser, change your login method to username and password via the web browser on Pinterest.

Step 1: Click the down arrow on the top right to get a list of options

Step 2: Click on settings and head to Security and logins

Step 3: Uncheck your Facebook account or Google account login

Scenario 2: Handle is not recognised

Solution: You might’ve upgraded your Pinterest account to a business one and also updated your handle in the process. To connect your TRIBE account, make sure you enter your original username prior to changing it when upgrading to a business account.

These are the two most common scenarios that might have affected your ability to connect your Pinterest account.

If you’ve tried these solutions and still can’t connect, please email

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