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Adding Paid Partnerships Labels on Pinterest
Adding Paid Partnerships Labels on Pinterest
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Congrats! If you’re reading this, you’ve likely secured a Pinterest Paid Partnership on TRIBE with some of your awesome content – we’re not surprised. But we know this might be new territory for you, so we’ve whipped together this short article to fill you in on everything you need to know.

First thing’s first, when you, as a Creator, add a Paid Partnership to your Idea Pin, the Paid Partnership label will automatically appear when the Pin is published. However, brands will need to approve the tag in order for their name to appear on the paid partnership label.

Here’s how to tag a brand in a Paid Partnership on Pinterest:

  1. Create an Idea Pin

  2. On the Finishing touches screen, tap ‘Advanced settings’

  3. Toggle on ‘Add paid partnership’ label then select ‘Add a brand partner’

  4. Search for the brand to tag.
    Note: You can only tag one brand per Idea Pin

  5. When you’ve found the brand you’re looking for, tap ‘Add’

  6. Then tap ‘Add’ on the Approval popup window.
    Note: Before the request is submitted to the brand, you have to publish the Idea Pin

  7. The brand you’ve picked will now appear in the Advanced setting screen for review

  8. Finally, return to the ‘Finishing touches’ screen and click ‘Publish’

Once the Idea Pin is published, the Paid Partnership label will appear on it, at first, without the brand's name.

The brand then receives a notification email and has the option to approve or decline the tag. If the brand approves the partnership, their name will be added to the Paid Partnership label.

Here’s what you need to know about declined and removed Paid Partnerships:

  • If a brand declines the tag, the Paid Partnership label is removed from the Idea Pin and you will not be able to tag them again in that same Pin. You will need to create a new Idea Pin to tag them.

  • If a brand declines your Paid Partnership tag or removes it from an Idea Pin that was previously approved, you will be notified via the app.

  • If a tag is removed, the Idea Pin will still remain live.

  • If a tag is removed from an Idea Ad, the ad will be set to Archive in Ads Manager.

If you’d like to remove a Paid Partnership tag, you can do so at any time. But remember, once the tag has been removed, it cannot be added again.

Here’s how to remove a Paid Partnership tag:

  1. Click on the Idea Pin to open it

  2. Click the ellipsis icon (...) to the right of the Pin

  3. Select Remove partnership

  4. Click Remove

Your changes will save automatically.


  • If your brand partner is not on Pinterest, you can still use the paid partnership label to disclose your branded relationship. Once published, the Paid Partnership label will appear on the Pin but the brand’s name will not.

  • Paid Partnership labels cannot be added after an Idea Pin is published. You will need to create a new Pin to include the label.

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