“We created TRIBE to help brands find amazing Creators who can deliver the right message to the right audience. BrandMatch ensures that marketers are not just getting engaging content, but working with Creators to achieve business goals” says Jules Lund, Founder of TRIBE.

At TRIBE, we want you, our brand partners, to get the most out of the vast talent of our Creator pool—and we believe this feature will help you do exactly that.

What is BrandMatch?

BrandMatch is a percentage score that indicates how relevant a Creator’s submission is to your brief. Each submission has a BrandMatch score (%) - the higher the score, the more the Creator matches the requirements of your brief.

What are the benefits of BrandMatch?

BrandMatch helps you quickly identify which Creators are best for your brand by showing how closely they match the basic requirements of your brief. If you have a large number of submissions or are deciding between two great pieces of content, BrandMatch can help guide you in the right direction.

How is the score calculated?

BrandMatch works similarly to other algorithms you may be used to, like how your Netflix or Spotify recommends what you should watch or listen to next. BrandMatch considers how well the below attributes (that belong to both the Creator and their audience) match those you selected when you created your brief:

  • Creator’s Gender

  • Creator’s Age

  • Creator’s Location

  • Creator’s Social Platform

  • Creator’s Follower Count

  • Audience’s Gender

  • Audience’s Age

  • Audience’s Location

Will BrandMatch influence who submits to my brief?

We hope so! BrandMatch encourages Creators to submit to campaigns where they’ll be most valuable. This means you'll likely receive submissions that are more relevant to your brief. It may, however, mean that you receive fewer submissions, but they should be of more value.

Should I always use BrandMatch to decide?

That’s up to you. One thing to keep in mind is that BrandMatch does not consider the quality of the content, the engagement, or whether the Creator met the creative specifics of this particular brief. It is still just one of many indicators you should be using to assess the value of a submission.

A Creator may have a score of 50-60% but has incredible content or a highly engaged audience. After weighing this up, it may be better to work with them rather than someone with an 80% score and content that isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

Want to see BrandMatch in action? Head over to your Inbox on the TRIBE platform.

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