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Why Brands Need to Connect their Instagram Account to TRIBE
Why Brands Need to Connect their Instagram Account to TRIBE
Updated over a week ago

In your TRIBE Inbox, you might have noticed you now have the ability to connect your Instagram Account. (Provided you’ve entered your Instagram @handle for Paid Partnerships in the Campaign Builder).

Whilst there will be many more benefits in the future, the most valuable at the moment is being able to boost creator content as Branded Content Ads.

What are Branded Content Ads?

They’re a game-changing ad format that combines the power of creator content with Facebook’s sophisticated ad-targeting tools.

BCA Ad on Instagram

If you’d like examples of marketers using Branded Content Ads well, check out this blog and an insightful interview here.

How to create Branded Content Ads

The best creator posts to boost as Branded Content Ads are those that have outperformed the others in your campaign. To identify these, head to the Published Tab of your TRIBE campaign, and sort your creator posts by highest engagement.

Then it’s as simple as selecting BOOST and filling in the pop-up form. From there your Customer Success team will get in touch and facilitate it for you.

Why do I need to connect my Instagram Account to TRIBE?

Well, you’ll be deploying Branded Content Ads from your Facebook Ads Manager - just as you would with any standard ad across Facebook & Instagram.

Therefore you’ll first need to get permission from the creator to be able to turn their organic post into a Branded Content Ad. By first connecting your Instagram account to TRIBE, we can leverage our partnership with Meta to use their API to streamline a lot of unnecessary steps for you. In fact, we built this solution alongside the Meta engineers so it’s exclusive to just a few global partners.

Why do I also need to connect my Facebook Account?

You don’t actually have to connect twice. Every Instagram business account is now connected to a master Facebook account. This allows you to deploy ads across the vast Meta ecosystem - from Facebook to Instagram, and even Marketplace (more examples here) so essentially you’ll connect your Instagram account via your Facebook login.

So how do I proceed?

1. In the sidebar, select 'Connect Account' to open the side panel and tap the button to connect your business account.

2. Click 'Connect a Business Account' and follow the prompts to complete the authentication.

3. Click the back arrow to return to the Inbox and you're done!

Your Instagram account will automatically connect to your campaign provided the handle of that account (e.g @tribe) matches the 'Paid Partnership Tag' you entered in the campaign builder when you requested creators tag your Instagram account when they publish their post (e.g @tribe).

Anything else I should be prepared for?

Yep! We’d love you to be across this checklist:

  • In Instagram, ensure your company’s account is set to a ‘business’ profile.

  • Make sure your Instagram business profile is connected to a Facebook Page.

  • Ask the relevant person if you don’t yet have admin access to your Facebook Page.

  • Don’t toggle off any permissions to avoid possible connection issues.

We’re here to offer any assistance so please reach out as we may actually learn from your experience to help others.

What if I cannot get admin access to my Facebook Page?

We’re operating under the assumption that in order to allow creators to tag your Instagram Account as a ‘Paid Partnership’ (a requirement by law) that you need to approve them from within your Instagram Account. So most would have login details. But if you don’t, please reach out to us.

Instead of being able to connect, why am I seeing this message?

That suggests that you are a ‘Collaborator’ on this campaign, not the ‘campaign owner’ who is required to perform this action. Simply reach out to them so they can proceed.

How can I switch off my Instagram Account?

Simply toggle the button off next to the connected account.

You’ll receive the below educational pop-up to let you know that you’ll be unable to activate Branded Content Ads via the TRIBE platform. If you’re comfortable with that, simply press SWITCH ACCOUNT OFF.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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