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Everything you need to know about 'Audience Insights'
Everything you need to know about 'Audience Insights'

We deep dive into Audience Reporting and Audience Match.

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TRIBE obtains Audience Insight data officially via the Instagram API. When Creators connect their Instagram account to TRIBE, they give permission for us to query the Instagram API directly for the demographic make up of their audience. This is based on the Creators followers for which Instagram has this demographic information and is then extrapolated for their entire audience.

Audience Insights provide very useful analytics around a Creator's audience composition. As a TRIBE subscriber you can see a breakdown of a Creator’s audience on the submission detail screen, this shows the gender and age makeup of their followers, as well as the top cities and countries they reside in.

What can I expect from Audience Insights?

It’s very common that Creators have audiences spread over multiple regions. E.g. a U.S influencer will often have 50% or more of their audience outside of the U.S. Naturally this is reflective of Instagram being a global platform. We recommend our customers look for influencers with a higher % of their audience in chosen regions, rather than having a hard-lined approach that requires a Creator’s audience to only be in a single place.

What if I want to target more precise audiences?

The most effective way to truly target an audience is via Instagram’s Branded Content Ads—a low-risk way to connect with new audiences at speed, scale and at a fraction of the cost—which you can utilise after you’ve undertaken your first organic influencer activity. You might've seen these floating about—they look just like influencer posts but say "Sponsored" instead of "In Paid Partnership with".

Branded Content Ads combine the power of authentic word-of-mouth marketing with Instagram’s sophisticated ad-targeting tools, maximising overall campaign action intent (i.e. clicks, downloads, saves) for 79% of the cost.

Audience Match

This is a new Audience Insight feature that shows how closely a Creator’s audience matches the target audience you have provided in the campaign builder. Audience Match means that a high percentage of a Creator’s audience falls within your target audience. The exact threshold we use to determine this label will be based on how broad or narrow your audience is with respect to the overall audience on Instagram.

You’ll find the Audience Match label on submission details within the Audience Metrics component or on your Creator cards in your inbox.

How is your Audience Match calculated?

When Creators connect their Instagram account to TRIBE, they give permission for us to query the Instagram API directly for demographic information about the followers for which Instagram has this information. We then compare this against your target audience.

How do I make sure my Audience Match is accurate?

Criteria for your audience match is provided in the Campaign Builder when you first create a campaign. To ensure the Audience Match label you see is as accurate as possible, you’d need to accurately complete the Target Audience section when creating a campaign in the Campaign Builder.

Here’s how:

  1. Select ‘Yes, I want to set my preferred target audience’

  2. Select the preferred age of your target audience

  3. Select the gender you are hoping to reach

  4. Select where you’d like your audience to live

Note: Audience Match can only be calculated when at least one of the above target filters are populated.

Who can see the Audience Match label?

Both pay-per-use customers and TRIBE subscribers can see the Audience Match label. However, only subscribers can see a detailed breakdown of these insights which includes the gender, age and location of a Creator’s audience.

Audience Reporting

Audience reporting is a new feature—available to TRIBE subscribers only—that takes measuring success a step further by showing overall campaign performance through a lens of Audience Demographics and Location. The report is based on the number of impressions published posts have received and the audience make-up of the Creators in your campaign.

Here’s a run down of what you’ll find in your Audience Campaign Report:

Audience Demographics which include:

  • Gender

  • Age Range

  • Age Range broken out by gender


  • Top locations (by country)

  • Top locations (by city)

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