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What to know when a brand is ‘considering your submission’
What to know when a brand is ‘considering your submission’

You're one step closer to a win, but nothing is confirmed yet...

Updated over a week ago

You’re likely reading this if you’ve received a push notification letting you know that a brand is considering your submission. Congrats! It means a brand is closely considering your content and now, you have a higher chance of an approval.

BUT, it doesn’t mean it’s locked in yet.

Why do brands shortlist submissions?

Shortlisting a submission allows a brand to organize all the content they’ve received and separate the great from the good; narrowing down the posts they love. Once you’ve been shortlisted, you’re in the final running for an approval but that doesn’t mean everyone can win.

Shortlisting lets a brand quickly access the best of the best content, but unfortunately it is not a confirmation of approval — the brand may not have the budget to approve ALL the submissions they’ve shortlisted.

In saying that, you have a much higher chance of approval once you’ve been shortlisted for your submission; so sit tight—we’ve got our fingers crossed for you!

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