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Picking the right influencers
Picking the right influencers
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How do I choose an Influencer?

Get shopping! When an influencer submits a post, click through to their social feed to assess their tone of voice, engagement and brand-fit.

I don't recognize any Influencers?

Unless you follow them on social media, you most likely won't. Rest assured their audience knows who they are, which is why they've accumulated such a large tribe who love their content.

How do I know if this Influencer is worth their fee?

This is totally subjective, but if you ask us... it's the fun part. How you measure the value of a post may come down to the creativity of the content, the familiarity of the influencer, the size and engagement of their tribe, and how well they fit your brand.

You may also negotiate post prices if you really believe an influencer has priced their content too high.

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