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Can I pay an influencer with products?
Can I pay an influencer with products?
Updated over a week ago

No. In fact, we don’t even encourage sending product samples for influencers to post about. If an influencer doesn’t already own the product, or isn’t willing to buy it, they shouldn't be recommending it. The exception to the rule is when a product is yet to launch, is inaccessible to an influencer or is above a certain price point.

In this case, you are more than welcome to submit an Expression of Interest Campaign. This involves specifying in the brief that you'd like to send an influencer your product with text like: "submit a post similar to what you'd create & if successful we'll be in touch."

If you like what an influencer submits, you can reach out via the chat function and provide a promo code for purchase or request their postal address to send them the product. Then, the influencer will re-shoot with the product.

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