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Everything you need to know about submitting to content campaigns in the TRIBE app.
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What are Content Campaigns?

You can now submit your beautiful pics and clips for brands to purchase! Once approved, brands will use your content for their own marketing channels without you having to post a thing. Your content could be used in anything from EDMs, blogs and websites to billboards and magazines! Now that you’re not publishing the #ad to your social accounts, you can submit to as many briefs as you like with up to three images per campaign! Ka-ching!

How do I get involved in a Content Campaign?

Creators must be invited into Content Campaigns based on the high quality of their content and are vetted one-by-one by the dedicated team at TRIBE.

If you believe your content is of a high quality and you'd like to be invited into the exclusive team of TRIBE content creators, let us know at

Can I negotiate the Content Campaign payment?

No. As reach and engagement won’t impact the value, our Content Campaign rates are non-negotiable.

What's the approval process?

A brand will upload a brief. You can then create and submit up to three pieces of content per brief.

The brand will view your content and either decline or approve it or request some changes. If they request changes they'll reach out to you via the chat function and once you're aligned they'll Pre-Approve you - committing to 50% of your fee before you shoot and resubmit the content.

After final approval of the content, you'll get paid within 48 hours or 30 days (depending on the payment option you've selected) and the brand will then be able to download the original version of your image or video for their own use.

Will I be credited if a brand uses my content?

Unlikely. We encourage crediting you as best practice however the brand is not obliged to do so.

Do I need to remove this content from my social account?

No. You are free to keep the content on your social account if the brand has paid you to have it there. However you have sold the right to use that content elsewhere.

Can I sell content from the same shoot to someone else?

If you have the opportunity to sell similar content to someone else, contact us first at so we can help you out.

Do you need the master image or footage?

Yes. Please keep this on file in the event we request it.

Can I submit multiple content pieces from the same shoot?

To maximise your potential income, you may submit a maximum of 3 images.

Read more about what a content campaign is HERE.

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