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How does the approval process work for brands?
How does the approval process work for brands?

A brief explanation for brands and creators.

Updated over a week ago

A brand creates a campaign brief. Then, creators submit a pitch detailing the content they'd love to create, alongside their fee.

Brands view these pitches, alongside a creator's portfolio, estimated performance and audience metrics and can chat directly with the creator via the submission to provide any feedback.

To begin working with a creator the brand first needs to Pre-Approve their pitch. Pre-Approval commits the brand to 50% of the creator's fee (or licensing fee in Content Campaigns), giving them the go-ahead to shoot and submit their final content.

Once the final content submission has been approved, the brand is charged and the creator publishes the content to their socials and is paid within 48 hours or 45 days, depending on their payment preferences.
โ€‹Note: For Content Campaigns, TRIBE releases the payment instantly to influencers as they do not publish the content to their social channels.

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