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Why do I need to reconnect my Instagram account to TRIBE?
Why do I need to reconnect my Instagram account to TRIBE?

Facebook's updates means you need to make sure your Instagram is connected to TRIBE

Updated over a week ago

Facebook is releasing updates for Creators like you. Reconnecting your Instagram account in TRIBE will ensure everything is up to date, allowing you to continue submitting awesome content to campaigns.

As part of the update, Facebook requires that you connect your Instagram account to an existing Facebook Page (link out to blog post). Or if you don’t already have one, create one. 

Check out our blog post to find out why connecting your Instagram Account to a Facebook Page will make you more $$!

Is a Facebook Page different to a Facebook Profile?

Yep! A Profile is generally your personal page (which might already be linked to your Instagram account as this is the default setting). A Page is public and often business related (say, your brand or product) and needs to be manually connected. 

Why does Facebook need me to have a Facebook Page?

Simply put, when a brand promotes your Instagram influencer post as a Branded Content Ad, they can promote it across the entire Facebook ecosystem.

But in order for your content to appear on any Facebook platform—it CAN’T pull across your Instagram profile—it needs a Facebook profile, which it pulls from your Facebook Page. 

What’s in it for me?

Well, brands will not only pay you to publish your influencer post BUT they’ll pay you again to let them promote it as an ad. This means more money for you AND more followers, because the brand is promoting you to new audiences. 

Without a Facebook Page, you’re not as valuable to a brand. If they’re choosing between a Creator with a connected Facebook Page and one without, they’ll most likely choose the former. 

When do I need to do this?

Soon, this will be mandatory, so you might as well do it now! You’ll be more attractive to those brands wanting to promote your post. Buuuuut we also know you’re busy crafting stunning content so just ensure you reconnect your Instagram account through the TRIBE app by March 1, 2020.  

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