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Paid Partnerships - what you need to know
Paid Partnerships - what you need to know

Instagram's Paid Partnerships feature is now in the TRIBE platform—here's how to use it and why you should.

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What is a Paid Partnership?

A Paid Partnership is Instagram’s new term for an ‘influencer post’. 

What do I need to know?

Paid partnerships are now an Instagram requirement for #ads. So to make it easy for brands like yours, we’ve made it part of TRIBE’s Campaign Builder!

How do I let Creators tag me in their posts?

  1. When creating a brief in TRIBE’s Campaign Builder, enter the relevant hashtags and Instagram handle for the account you would like to be tagged as a Paid Partnership.

  2. From within the Instagram app, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Business’.

  3. Tap ‘Branded Content’ and toggle off the ‘Require Approvals’ button (this let’s influencers tag you in their approved posts).

What if my brand isn’t on Instagram?

If you don’t have a suitable Instagram account, you can select “I don’t have an Instagram account” in the Campaign Builder (right below where you would enter your instagram handle).

Note: Speak to your Customer Success Manager to discuss your options!

Why is this update important for brands?

Via Facebook’s Ad Manager...

  1. You can now receive performance insights into the Creator’s post

  2. You can turn posts with the Paid Partnership tag into Branded Content Ads

To find out more about Paid Partnerships and the benefits for brands, read our blog post!

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