What is a Paid Partnership?

A Paid Partnership is Instagram’s new term for an ‘influencer post’. It’s an easier way for you to collaborate with brands!

What do I need to know?

Paid partnerships are now an Instagram requirement for sponsored posts. In fact, if you attempt to publish any sponsored content on their platforms without tagging it as a Paid Partnership they may restrict you - flagging it as a breach of their branded content policies.

Do I need to have a Creator account to tag a brand?

No. You can still tag a brand if you have a Business account, but not if you have a Personal account.

How do I tag brands in a Paid Partnership?

Posting in feed:

  1. When you go to publish your post, tap ‘Advanced settings’ at the base of the screen

  2. Tap ‘Tag Business Partner’

  3. Search for the brand’s Instagram handle as provided in the TRIBE campaign detail screen and at the time of publishing.

Posting a story:

  1. When you go to publish your Story, tap the link icon located at the top of the story creation screen to open the ‘More options’ screen

  2. Tap ‘Tag Business Partner’ and search for the brand’s Instagram handle as provided in the TRIBE campaign details screen and at the time of publishing.

What if I can't tag a brand at the time of publishing?

You may encounter this issue if a brand has not automated their approval process. In this case:

  1. Get in touch with the brand via ‘Feedback’ and let them know

  2. Once the brand approves you, you will be able to tag them in a Paid Partnership.

If a brand doesn't have an Instagram account, the appropriate account to tag will be listed in the brief. In some instances, you may be asked to tag the @tribe account.

So, why should I use Paid Partnerships?

  1. More money: Not only will you have more opportunities to collaborate, but you’ll earn more money by selling the rights to your posts when they are ‘promoted’ as Branded Content Ads.

  2. More protection: Naturally if your post is clearly labelled as a Paid Partnership it further protects you from falling outside of advertising law. However, for now it’s recommended to use both the Paid Partnerships label and #ad

  3. More recognition: Instagram now recognises your undeniable value as a creator. That’s why Instagram has released an account type specifically for you. It takes 15 secs to upgrade to a Creator account and surprisingly doesn’t require a minimum amount of followers.

To find out more about Paid Partnerships and why it’s so awesome for Creators like you, read our blog post!

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