At TRIBE, we strive to set the highest standards for influencer marketing best practice. To uphold these standards, we expect brands to follow our TRIBE Codes of Conduct when using our platform.

Alcohol-related campaigns

Don’t ask influencers to…

  • Promote alcohol as a requirement of fun.
  • Promote rapid consumption of alcohol.
  • Promote the choice of a particular alcoholic beverage by emphasizing its alcohol strength.
  • Promote the consumption of an alcoholic beverage before or during any activity that requires a high degree of alertness or physical coordination (such as, but not limited to, driving or swimming).

Tobacco and eCigarette-related campaigns

Advertising legislation universally prohibits almost every form of tobacco and e-cigarette marketing to the public. All tobacco-related campaigns (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapes, etc.) are not allowed in the TRIBE marketplace.

Gaming and wagering-related campaigns

  • Encourage responsible gaming.
  • Don’t ask influencers to portray, condone, or encourage excessive wagering activities.
  • Don’t ask influencers to portray or encourage wagering as a part of alcohol consumption.
  • Don’t ask influencers to state or imply a promise of winning.
  • Don’t ask influencers to promote free or bonus bets.

Pharmaceuticals, health, and beauty-related campaigns

  • Encourage authentic personal endorsement of the product.
  • Don’t ask influencers to make medical claims (i.e. the product cures a skin condition).
  • Don’t ask influencers to make time claims (e.g. “My skin immediately felt great”).
  • Don’t ask influencers to promote rapid weight loss.
  • Don’t ask influencers to promote prescription-only medicines (i.e. anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, submental fat injections). For more information, please check the Therapeutic Goods Administration list.
  • Don’t ask influencers to feature, nor mention prescription/non-prescription drugs or medication.
  • Don’t ask influencers to use quantifiable claims (i.e. four shades or visible) as they require disclaimers.
  • Don’t ask influencers to make references to competitor brands/medical companies.
  • Don’t ask influencers to talk about serious diseases or conditions.

Gender stereotyping

  • Discourage reinforcing presumed gender roles.
  • Do not ask influencers to portray gender stereotypes that may affect the choices, aspirations, and opportunities of their followers.


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