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A brand has requested to license your content - here's what you should know
A brand has requested to license your content - here's what you should know
If a brand loves your content, they might ask to purchase it. Here’s what to do next!
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You will be notified if a brand requests to license your content.

  1. Tap on the notification to respond to the request.

  2. Tap POSTS on the TRIBE app.

  3. Tap Requested under Content Rights.

  4. Refer to the licence cost on the content card, and tap Decline or Accept.

Note that selling your content are at fixed prices. Refer to the content card for details.

If you choose to accept the request, make sure to first read the Content Rights Terms before confirming.

While you can still keep the post on your social profile, once the content has been licensed, you will no longer be able to use or post it elsewhere.

Where will the brand use my content?

The content can be used wherever the brand chooses, depending on their selected licence:

Perpetual Online Rights

  • This includes exclusive and permanent rights to content, but for online use only. The content cannot be used for any offline material, such as in print or TV.

Perpetual Rights - All Channels

  • This licence grants exclusive and permanent rights to the content for both online and offline use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be credited if a brand uses my content?

Unlikely. We encourage crediting you as best practice however the brand is not obliged to do so.

Do I need to remove this content from my social account?
No. You are free to keep the content on your social account if the brand has paid you to have it there. However you have sold the right to use that content elsewhere.

Can I sell content from the same shoot to someone else?

If you have the opportunity to sell similar content to someone else, contact us first at so we can help you out.

Do you need the master image or footage?

Yes. Please keep this on file in the event we request it.

Can I submit multiple content pieces from the same shoot?

Absolutely, this will maximise your potential income.

Read more about what a content campaign is HERE.

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