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Promoting products on TRIBE
Promoting products on TRIBE
Want to know how to promote products on TRIBE? Here’s the low down.
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1.  Choose a campaign to submit to

After downloading the TRIBE Influencer app and signing up, browse your feed for campaigns from brands that you love. Tap on the campaign to view its brief.

2.  Craft beautiful content

If you meet the creator requirements (as well as any special brief requirements), craft content for the brand following their brief, and price it accordingly.

Brands may send feedback to request for changes to the content itself, the caption, or the price.

3.  Publish your post and get paid

Your post may be approved (or scheduled) for publishing if the brand is 100% happy with it. You will get paid for the post after it’s been published.

Who owns the created content?

Approved content is still owned by the influencer. The brand is free to repost it anytime after you've published and is required to tag you in the post.

If they wish to use it for advertising outside of that, they can request to license it. You can then choose to Approve or Decline their request.

What happens if I've purchased the product but had my post declined?

It's disappointing, but purchasing a product without getting paid to recommend it is no different than any other purchase made by you outside of TRIBE.

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