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Picking Influencers

Campaign Management

Reviewing Submissions

Reporting and Licensing

Campaign Completion


Credit Card

You can pay as you go if you selected the credit card option for billing. The total amount spent will be shown on your Inbox (excluding GST/VAT).


If you chose the invoice option for billing, your campaign Inbox will show your total budget Remaining.

The minimum spend for invoice is 5000 (AUD$, GBP£, or USD$), excluding GST/VAT.


To access receipts, log into your account and click ACCOUNT on the bottom left of the screen. Select Billing, click on the relevant campaign.

Click Download Receipt to see the full receipt for the purchase, including VAT/GST.


An Influencer Campaign is for receiving content created by your every day customers (influencers) to be posted on their social feeds.

Here is what a typical Influencer Campaign Inbox looks like:

You will find the following tabs in your Inbox:

  • Shortlisted. See an aggregate of forecasted total reach and engagement on this tab. Shortlisting submissions also notifies influencers.

  • Approved. All approved posts go here. Approving posts automatically notifies influencers, so only do so if you are 100% happy with the fee, content, and caption.

  • Declined. Declined posts go here. It'll be great if you can give constructive feedback to the influencers, and let them know why their posts were not approved, so they can work on re-submitting more relevant content for you. Declining posts automatically notifies influencers.

  • Published. Approved posts that have been published to influencers’ feeds can be found on this tab. You will also see the published posts’ collective reach and engagement here.


Carousel Posts

Highlight to your Client Partner or Account Manager upfront if you would like to receive carousel submissions.

Managing Carousel Submissions

  1. Every image for the carousel should be submitted via TRIBE.

  2. The total cost should be split across each image. Within the caption, the influencer should mention that it is, for example, “1 of 3 images.” If you only want 2 out of 3 images, agree upfront with the influencer to allow them to resubmit their total fee across the 2 images (rather than 3).

  3. Approve all of the images you would like the influencer to publish for the carousel. 

Instagram Story Posts

Highlight to your Client Partner or Account Manager upfront if you would like to receive Instagram story submissions. 

Managing Instagram Story Submissions

  1. Influencers should submit their total fee across all stories/frames.

  2. Shortlist all stories/frames so you can see the total cost.

  3. Before approving the frames, remind the influencer to include #ad and to tag the brand in the story.

Sampling Campaigns

If you wish to send sample products to influencers, your campaign will be tagged as a ‘Sampling’ one.

Sampling campaigns roughly work as outlined below:

  1. Influencers submit a mock shot/pitch post to express interest.

  2. Have a look at their social accounts to see if they're aligned with your brand, and if you'd like to send them a product to create content with.

  3. At this stage, it will be best to Pre-Approve the influencers you intend to send samples to, and let them know via feedback.

  4. Request for their postal address via feedback, and send them product. Once they receive it, they will create the approved content, and re-submit it via the mock shot that you pre-approved.

  5. Once you're happy with the post, click APPROVE.

Note: We're unable to take responsibility if any samples go missing, or if influencers don't post with the received product. However, we will do everything we can to get the influencer to post, and remind them that it's in their best interest to do so.

Picking Influencers

Instagram Insights

The Insights feature can now be enabled for campaigns to make creator Insights available. If you would like to see audience Insights, please speak to your Client Partner or Account Manager.

Once enabled, click AUDIENCE INSIGHTS on a submission card to view them.

You can view them in full resolution as well by hovering over the individual images and by clicking the expand icons.

The AUDIENCE INSIGHTS button will be hidden if the creator’s Insights are not available.

Click Through to Social Feed

We always recommend checking influencer feeds before approving posts to ensure they are aligned with your brand. Click the social icons/handles on submission cards to be taken to their respective social feeds.

Campaign Management

Pausing Campaigns

If you receive enough submissions, we recommend pausing the campaign to temporarily disable receiving more while you review pending ones. Simply click PAUSE CAMPAIGN from your Inbox to do so, as shown below:

You can reactivate your campaign once you’re ready to receive more submissions.


The brand owner can manually add another member (colleague, agency, or client) to help in the decision-making process.


Reviewing Submissions

Rate Card

Click here for TRIBE content licensing prices.


You can negotiate with influencers using the rate card as a guide to help maximise your budget.

Prices vary depending on the cost of the product, effort put into the content, etc., but the rate card gives a good indication of the averages we see in the platform.

Old Friend

If you see a blue tick next to the influencer handle on a submission card, it means that you have previously worked with that influencer. Working with influencers again is a great way to cultivate your community with “Brand fans.”


Sort Submissions

The SORT BY: action on the upper right hand corner of submissions allows you to sort submissions by date, engagement, CPE, followers, price or influencer rating.


Shortlisting Feature

If you like a post, click SHORTLIST to send it to the SHORTLISTED tab.

The SHORTLISTED tab also shows the estimated engagement, project spend (excludes VAT), collective reach, and estimated Cost Per Engagement for the shortlisted submissions.

Influencers are notified when their submissions are shortlisted.


Bulk Feedback

Clicking SELECT allows you to make bulk selections for declining and giving feedback to influencers submissions. Select Send Feedback to message all influencers of the selected submissions.

Tip: If there is a delay to your campaign, let the influencers know by sending them an update via bulk feedback to keep them up-to-date.


If you wish to request influencers for changes, click the Feedback (speech bubble) icon on their submission to send them a message. You can ask influencers to make changes to the content, caption, or fee.

Tip: Only request for changes if you intend to work with the influencer.  

Requesting for Post Changes / Re-Submissions

After requesting for changes, wait for the influencer to resubmit their content before hitting APPROVE.

A re-submission will look like this:

The red dot indicates that you either received a message from the influencer, or if the content, caption, or fee has been updated.

Approving and Scheduling Posts

Approve submissions once you are 100% happy with the content. Requesting for changes won’t be be possible after this.

When approving submissions, you will be given two publish/scheduling options:

  • WITHIN 48 HOURS. Influencers post when their engagement is highest

  • CHOOSE DATE. Choose a specific date outside of the next 48 hours

Once a submission is approved, the influencer can publish to their feed, and you will be charged for the purchase.

Tip: Only approve if you are 100% happy with the content, caption, and fee.


Reporting and Licensing

Published Tab

You can view all published posts on this tab, as well as their real-time analytics (Spend (Ex. VAT), Collective Reach, Engagement, and Cost per Engagement). These are updated every five (5) minutes.

You can also sort posts by Date, Engagement, Price, Influencer Rating, and Reach to see which posts are performing well in which category.

Contact your Account Manager for any campaign-related query. For technical issues on the platform, however, please contact Support by clicking the chat button on the bottom right part of the page.

Content License

If you really like a submission, you can purchase the rights to use the content in your own advertising channels by simply clicking the License content button:

Once the request is sent, the influencer will receive a notification and will have the option to approve or decline.

If the influencer approves, the content will become available for you to download.

How and where exactly can you use licensed content? Click here.

Post-Campaign Report

Once your campaign has expired you can download a Post-campaign Report (PCR) by logging into the platform, and by hitting REQUEST CAMPAIGN REPORT from the Campaign Inbox.

PCRs currently don’t provide accurate results when campaigns include Instagram stories and carousels. However, if requested, we can provide an in-depth report including them.

Note: the report is only available if you have approved five (5) or more posts.

Campaign Completion

Campaign Expired

After your campaign expires, you will still have 16 days to play around with your shortlist, action approvals, send feedback to influencers who may have slightly missed the mark, or decline posts you don’t want to go ahead with.

All pending submissions will be automatically declined after this 16-day period, and will become irretrievable.

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