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Influencer Ratings explained
Influencer Ratings explained

At TRIBE, Influencers get rated! Here’s how to make your rating work for you…

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We’re constantly impressed with how well influencers conduct themselves on TRIBE—from responding quickly to brand feedback, to crafting great content that’s on brief. To incentivise this, we’ve created Influencer Ratings.

Influencer Ratings are designed to help you stand out, and are shown to brands alongside your submissions. They indicate your value to brands beyond your follower count or content price. 

These will be displayed next to your submissions in the brand’s inbox and are out of 5 stars.

The ratings are calculated by TRIBE and are based on the following criteria:


This is your ability to respond to brands on time, as well as your punctuality in publishing approved posts. Professionalism when interacting with brands helps increase your rating as well.

Submission quality

We consider quality submissions as those that nail campaign briefs. Submissions that are flagged for copyright infringement or for pitch posting can pull your Influencer Rating down.

Influencer engagement

This is your audience engagement percentage, and the authenticity of the likes and comments that your content generates. Engagement is measured across both paid and organic content, including the analysis of unique engagement across your entire audience base.

Factors that pull Influencer Ratings down:

  • Slow response time to brand feedback

  • Failure to keep published posts at the top of your feed for at least five hours, and on your feed for 30 days

  • Submitting unoriginal or plagiarised content (content that wasn't created by you)

  • Fake/ghost followers (more on this below)

  • Failure to post at the agreed time

  • No recent submissions

  • Use of comment pods for likes and comments

  • Pitching rather than submitting content exactly as it will appear when published 

  • Submitting low-quality content (pixelated or blurry)

How can I increase my Influencer Rating?

  • Submit regularly to briefs

  • Reply to brands as quickly as possible

  • Publish approved posts on time

  • Submit high quality, original content

  • Eliminate ghost followers on your accounts

  • Have authentic ‘engagement’, meaning that the likes and comments on your posts come from across your entire follower base. Not just a repeat group or comment pod.

Influencer Ratings cannot be hidden from brands. The only scenario where they won't be shown is when we still lack sufficient data to calculate your rating.

How often is my Influencer Rating updated?

Your influencer rating is refreshed every 6 hours.

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