Contacting brands

Here’s how to maintain contact with the brands you’re working with…

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Brands can initiate chat conversations any time via the Feedback feature.

To access feedback from brands, tap INBOX, and go to the MESSAGES tab.

The Edit Post option is available within Feedback threads so you can easily make revisions should brands request for them.

Remember to keep communications within the TRIBE platform. This is so we can provide you with the best possible protection in the event of a dispute. Let us know at if a brand asks to take your conversation off-platform, or for any other violation of our Terms and Conditions and House Rules.

Initiating the conversation

As a Creator, the Feedback feature will be enabled for you when your Influencer Campaign submissions are approved, to allow you to collaborate with brands on improving content and in finalizing a publish date.

To initiate a chat conversation with a brand, simply tap SEND BRAND A MESSAGE on your approved post.

Why haven't I heard back from the brand?

Be patient. Often brands like to see a number of submissions before they accept any or all of them. You may also want to re-submit with a lower offer, as high rates can deter brands.

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