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Editing my TRIBE profile
Editing my TRIBE profile

You’re now officially a TRIBE creator! Here’s how to edit your profile…

Updated over a week ago

Tap the YOU icon on the TRIBE app menu bar, and go to Profile. Access the following individual sections to enter your information:

Your details

Tap the pencil icon to edit your details, and tap the check icon to save.

  • Name

  • Phone number (required)

  • Email

  • Gender

  • Home country (this will set the currency in which you get paid)

  • Date of birth (required)

  • Shipping address


Payment details

Simply provide us with the PayPal email address where you’d like to receive your payments.

Creators from the US can only receive payments via PayPal. Australia and UK users have the additional option to receive payments straight to their bank accounts.

If you are under a talent agency, you can provide their bank details instead of yours, for the payments to be sent to them.

Registered businesses in Australia can also provide their ABN (Australian Business Number), and indicate if they are GST (Goods and services tax) registered. Users from the UK can include their VAT Registration Number. See here for more details.

Agent details

If you’re being represented by an agent or agency, provide their details in this section.

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