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Why do I need to link a Facebook account to TRIBE?
Why do I need to link a Facebook account to TRIBE?

Whether or not you post content on Facebook, you’ll need to link your account to TRIBE. Here’s why…

Updated over a week ago

Linking a Facebook account is required in order to connect your Facebook and Instagram identities to the TRIBE app.

You can add Facebook pages to your TRIBE profile as long as your TRIBE Facebook login account has post permissions for those pages.

  1. To add a Facebook page, tap the YOU icon from the TRIBE app menu.

  2. Tap the plus icon, and select Facebook.

  3. The app will then list the Facebook pages you manage using your TRIBE Facebook login account. Tap on the page you wish to add to your TRIBE profile, and tap CONTINUE.

You can add as many Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or Twitter accounts as you like by going to the YOU screen, and tapping the (+) in Social accounts.

Make sure to complete your profile details to ensure we can pay you for your approved submissions!

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