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Suspended social account
Suspended social account

At TRIBE, we take authenticity very seriously. Here are some reasons your account may have been suspended...

Updated over a week ago

If we detect ghost followers or bot-like activity, we will need to flag and suspend your account. This is to help ensure that your engagement is authentic.

Fake engagement lowers your value to brands, so cleanse your account of ghost followers, and apply to be reinstated.

What are ghost followers?

We define ghost followers as inactive accounts or bot profiles set up to boost social media engagement. They usually have:

  • A username with numbers or random letters

  • No or stock image profile picture

  • High number of followed profiles

  • Low number of followers

  • No or few posts


How can I cleanse my account?

Several websites offer quick solutions, but the best and most thorough way is to scroll through your follower list and to manually block suspicious accounts.

If you have a large following, try combing through a few letters daily.

How and when can I re-apply?

Give yourself at least 30 days to sweep through your followers. Once you are sure that your ghost followers have been eliminated, email to re-apply. You can only re-apply once.

Our Risk & Compliance Team will get back to you after reviewing your account, which can take up to two weeks.

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