A pitch post is when a creator submits a mock shot to a sampling campaign, but in place of a caption, they include a pitch for their content.

While generally not accepted on TRIBE, we allow pitch posts if a brand or product is inaccessible, expensive or yet to launch. Note than unless specified by the brand, pitching to non-sampling campaigns is not allowed.

Here’s how to create a pitch post submission:

  1. Create your content as you normally would, but using a replacement item for the product that you wish to promote.

       Even for pitch posts, only submit original and new content.
   2. If the brand likes your submission: 

   3. After the brand agrees to execute your content, they may arrange to send you a sample product.

While exchanging contact information is allowed at this point, it’s still important to keep all communications on the TRIBE platform. This is so we can provide you with the best protection possible in the event of a dispute.

If someone asks to take your conversation off-platform, let us know as soon as possible as this is a violation of our Terms and Conditions.
   4. Once you receive the product, re-create your pitched content. Go to your original submission, and Edit & Re-Submit it with your final content.

Do not create a new submission—this is to avoid confusion, and to minimize the submissions that the brand has to review.
   5. If you’re submitting to an Influencer Campaign, publish it as instructed by the brand after it is approved. If it is a Content Campaign, wait for the brand to licence your work.

Make sure to complete your profile details to ensure you receive your payments.

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