There are two types of submissions brands can ask of you in sampling campaigns:

  1. Expressions Of Interest

  2. Mock shots

So what are they exactly?

Mock Shots

A mock shot is something similar to what you would create.

Eg. Take this example from the Yankee candle campaign — they’re looking for creators to submit a mock shot featuring a replacement candle so that the brand has an idea of what their final content will look like.

Expression of Interest

An expression of interest, on the other hand, is simply any image that represents your talent that will help you pitch your profile to the brand in the campaign.

In both cases, the brand will specify in the “Dos and Don’ts section” the type of content they would like to be submitted.

Ultimately, if you’re successful the brand will get in touch with you to send the product out to you or provide you with a discount code so you can re-submit the content with the product.

Once you receive the product, re-create your pitched content. Go to your original submission, and edit and re-submit it with your final content.

Note: Do not create a new submission—this is to avoid confusion, and to minimize the submissions that the brand has to review.

IMPORTANT: Unless it’s been specified by the brand, submitting a mock shot or expression of interest to a non-sampling campaign is not allowed.

If you wish to contact the brand any questions about the product or your submission, please get in touch with us directly via the chat option or DM - otherwise wait until the brand makes the first contact.

Any communications outside of the platform are a direct violation of our Terms and Conditions.

Make sure to complete your profile details to ensure you receive your payments.

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