Content campaigns are only available to creators handpicked by the TRIBE Team, whose content style and quality are aligned to specific requirements provided by the brand.

You can identify Content Campaigns in your Campaign Feed by the image icon located next to the campaign name.

Tap on a campaign to check out its brief and mood board images. If the product is something that you enjoy using, go ahead and create your submission:

  1. Tap Create Submission.

  2. Select the media file to upload. The file types PNG and JPG for images, MP4 for videos, and GIF (only for Facebook and Twitter posts) are supported. Make sure that its file extension is not missing, else it will not show up in the gallery.

  3. Add a note for the brand about your submission (optional).

  4. Review the campaign’s do’s and don’ts to make sure your submission follows the brand guidelines.

  5. Tap SUBMIT.

  6. Read and ACCEPT the Content Rights Terms to continue.

As long as your submission is PENDING, you’ll have the option to withdraw it.

To keep the platform safe for creators and brands alike, remember to observe the TRIBE House Rules and the TRIBE Codes of Conduct. Let us know at if someone breaches our guidelines.

With Content Campaign submissions, there’s no need to post them to your socials.

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