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Review process for submitted campaigns
Review process for submitted campaigns

Once you’ve submitted your campaign, this is how you can expect the process to play out…

Updated over a week ago

Whether you have created an Influencer Campaign or a Content Campaign, it will first need to undergo review by our account managers before it goes live. This is so we can help you optimise your campaign, get the most of the platform, and receive the content that you’re after.

While your campaign is awaiting review, it will show as IN REVIEW on your Campaign Dashboard.

Our account managers will be in touch if they believe your campaign can be improved, or if further details or clarification is needed for your brief. Once approved, its status will be tagged as SCHEDULED.

All that’s left to do is wait for it to go live as scheduled, or manually activate it from your Campaign Inbox, and wait for the amazing creator content to roll in.

I submitted a campaign, but it's gone from my Campaign Dashboard.

If you are unable to find the campaign that you submitted on your Campaign Dashboard, email us at with the campaign name or brand. We'll look into it for you and get in touch as soon as possible.

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