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Supported payment currencies
Supported payment currencies

Depending on where you are in the world, here are the currencies in which you can expect to be paid on the TRIBE platform…

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TRIBE is open to creators from all across the globe. However, at the moment, only selected currencies are supported by the TRIBE platform. We will begin supporting more as we expand.

Campaign payments

You will be paid in the following currencies for your approved submissions, depending on where the brand is based:

  • Australia - AUD$

  • UK - GBP£

  • US - USD$


Payments in AUD$, GBP£, EUR€, and USD$ are supported by the TRIBE platform. If your local currency is not on this list, you will be assigned one depending on where you are from. 

Registered businesses in Australia can provide their ABN (Australian Business Number) as well, and indicate if they are GST (Goods and services tax) registered. See here for more details.

Users from the UK can indicate their VAT Registration Number as well.

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