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Contacting influencers
Contacting influencers

Communication is key! Here’s a guide on how to contact creators on TRIBE…

Updated over a week ago

You can initiate conversations with creators via the Feedback feature in your Campaign Inbox.

We recommend getting in touch with creators for the following reasons:

  • To suggest changes to their submission instead of declining them, so they can simply update their existing post instead of submitting a new one

  • To agree on a publishing date before approving their submissions (for Influencer campaigns)

  • To arrange shipping for sample products

Remember to keep communications within the TRIBE platform. This is so we can provide you with the best possible protection in the event of a dispute.

Let your account manager know as soon as possible if someone asks to take your conversation off-platform, or for any other violation of our Terms and Conditions and House Rules.

To send a message, simply click on Feedback icon on a submission card.


How do I know if a creator has replied/re-submitted content?

If the creator has replied to your message, a red dot will appear on the Feedback icon, and if the submission has been updated, it will be tagged as RESUBMITTED:


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